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"Dan has worked on one of my songs (so far!) but I have every intention to use him again. The level of talent, professionalism, and hard work that shines through Dan's tracks is second to none. He exceeded all expectations and hopes I had, and really took my song to the next level. There's a reason it quickly became my most popular song! Dan is not just great with the end result, but very professional and accommodating during the process. He values feedback, and works with the individual to ensure they are happy with the track before finalising the song. I cannot recommend Dan enough. To say he is just getting started in making this a business, his work reflects someone in the music-making industry well beyond his years and experience. Thank you, Dan!"

Jerry Penrose

"I asked Dan to record a piece of music for me, a simple piano backing track. Not only were the recordings done in a quick and efficient manner, they were done to an exceptional standard. Dan also recorded the piece of music again with drums, bass and guitar. If I ever need any music recording again, Dan will be at the top of my list"

Libby Wood

"Dan is a very talented, multi-instrumentalist who puts hard work and passion into everything he does. I would not hesitate to include him in my future projects and recordings. I have really enjoyed working with him and would definitely recommend him for session recording, mixing and video editing"

Genevieve Kathryn

“Having had the privilege to work with Dan across a few different music projects, both live and studio based; I’ve seen first hand that Dan has consistently produced work of an exceptionally high standard. His ability as a multi-instrumentalist, singer and producer has enabled him to excel at whatever task he is faced with. 


On top of his natural ability and talent, Dan has an incredible work ethic. Often taking on huge projects and always has the commitment, drive and organisational ability to see them through”

Ed Borrett

"Such a pleasure to work with, an absolute whizz on any instrument and a tech genius.


Legend in the making"


“I've had the privilege to make music with Dan over many years in a variety of different settings. Whether it's been in a brass band setting, gospel choir backing band, or multi track recordings (both virtual and in person) Dan is "Mr Dependable", and I can always rely on him in any given musical situation. His standard of musicianship is excellent, he has wonderful creative and musical vision,  making him any musicians dream to work with! As a composer and arranger Dan is equally talented, his arrangements of 'Be Still My Soul' and 'The Days I Cannot See' are both exceptional pieces of writing and were a joy to play and well worth listening too. To summarise, Dan is an exceptionally talented young musician, arranger, composer, a true professional and someone who I would highly recommend working with. 



Luke Furlong

"I played percussion alongside Dan in a first section brass band for several concerts and the Regional Brass Band Championships. Brass band percussion demands versatility, bags of teamwork (as some pieces are a logistical nightmare) and a good understanding of a wide range of musical styles. 

Dan was absolutely at home playing timpani, drum kit and some really tricky tuned percussion parts and is totally professional. 

He's also a great team player. I remember, particularly, one concert on a very cramped stage, with visual effects such as playing in the dark and under red lights with a smoke machine, and some difficult music, including one piece with two timpanists (including Dan) on 5 timpanis.  He adapted brilliantly, making suggestions for swapping parts to solve some of the worst logistical problems. 

In two contests, he would have been ideally suited to the tuned percussion part, but fit around the strengths and weaknesses of the team. He has a really good ear, and, in rehearsal, can provide subtly different alternative renditions to enable the conductor to select the most appropriate "colour" and style. 

Above all, Dan is a genuine, authentic bloke who loves his music and is an absolute pleasure to work with."

Jo Hindmarsh

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