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If you would like to hire Dan for any of these services, please feel free to contact him and he'll be delighted to give you a free quote (please note that prices will vary per project based on a number of factors)

Session Musician

As a multi-instrumentalist, Dan is able to fill a variety of roles within your project, based entirely on your needs. His main instruments are keys, drums/percussion, bass guitar, acoustic guitar & vocals, however he has also got some experience playing brass instruments, ukulele/banjolele, and electric guitar.


Got an original song that you need a track for? Need a backing but you’ve only got the sheet music? No problem! No matter what you’ve got or what you need, Dan has a variety of solutions that can help you achieve your end goal of a professional sounding track.

Audio/Visual Editor

For the past 6 years, Dan has been creating and facilitating various music and video based projects, both personally and for other people. Whether you need someone to simply mix your existing multitracks, or whether you need someone to create guide tracks, create file sharing spaces to collect submissions, and edit the project in its entirety, he has very flexible solutions that will work for you.

IMG_7861 2.jpg

Dan is either available as part of an acoustic duo, who can perform a variety of cover material for any events you may need, whether that be soft vibes or upbeat crowd pleasers.


Alternatively, Dan can be hired as a solo musician on acoustic guitar/piano with vocals.​


Over the past 8 years, Dan has gained experience both arranging and composing music for various ensembles, such as brass bands, concert bands, orchestras, string quartets, and many more. So whether you need parts writing into an existing track of yours, or whether you need a full accompaniment scoring, Dan has the ability to help you out.

Custom Orders

If there's a musical service you require that hasn't already been mentioned, Dan is more than happy to receive custom orders to meet your needs if it is within his skill set. Please don't hesitate to get in touch with him to discuss your vision and what solutions he can offer to you.

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